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MBX Electric Scooter
New! 750 Watt, 22lbs MBX Electric
New! T-350 Electric Scooter - $199.00
24 mile range, 19 mph, 350 watts
Razor Bike
Razor Pocket Bike - $169.00
Volt Electric - $239.00

Currie Motorized Scooters
HCF 707 Motor Scooters - $599.00
Lashout HQ Electric Scooters - $599.00
Currie Motorized Scooters
Zone 5 Motorized Scooter - $399.00
Currie Flyer - $269.00

Product Name  Description Price
Citybug Mobility  Electric, 4 Wheels $679.00
Pride Mobility  Pride Lifts $399.00
HCF 701  ELE Foot Mini - HCF 701 $429.00
HCF 707 with seat  HCF 707 $599.00
Handicap  CityBug $399.00
HCF 002 Two Wheel  HCF 002 Cute 2 Wheeler $649.00
HCF 301 Four Wheel  HCF 301 Cute 4 Wheeler $899.00
Razor mini-E  Razor mini-E $159.00
Razor  Battery-powered 131E $259.00
Zappy Promo Pack  Zappy Promo Pack $349.00
Zapworld Zappy Turbo  Zapworld Zappy Turbo $699.99
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About Us: We sell brand name electric scooters & pocket bikes like Razor, Volt, HCF and Whisper for riding, racing, commuting, playing, fun or doing tricks. From time to time we offer promotions on certain models. If you have a question about one of the products that you see on our web site, feel free to give us a call. Please understand that we do experience a high volume of calls during the holiday season. Please be patient and we will answer your question as quickly as possible. You can also use email to reach us.